Our Services & Facilities

Qualitative Research

We have state-of-the-art facilities, and provide a full range of qualitative research services, including hosting, moderating, and field and recruiting services.

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative research services include online, mobile, and mail surveys, as well as data processing, analysis, and reporting.

Custom Services

Custom research is our specialty. We'll design a plan from the ground up in areas such as product and website usability testing, strategic marketing, merchandising, and mystery shopping.

Meeting Spaces

Host your next Lexington event at The Matrix Group. We offer a convenient, private, and flexible space to accommodate your group of up to 20 people, with facility rental on an hourly, daily, or multi-day basis.

Overview of Our Services:

Analytical services
  •  Demographic analysis
  •  Statistical analysis
       ⋅  Multivariate analysis
       ⋅  Regression analysis
  •  Segmentation

Data mining

Ethnographic/Observational research

Event marketing

Field services
  •  Field audits
  •  On-site/mobile interviewing
  •  Telephone interviewing

Focus groups & in-depth interviews
  •  Dedicated focus group facility
  •  Usability tests
  •  Recruiting
  •  Moderating
  •  Authorized FocusVision facility

Hybrid research


Merchandising audits

Mock juries

Mystery shopping programs

Project management

Online research
  •  Online surveys
  •  Online communities
  •  Recruiting for online surveys
  •  Website usability

Questionnaire design

Strategic planning